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Osho Quotes on Receptivity

Osho Quotes on Receptivity

  1. Receptivity is a state of no-mind. When you are utterly empty of all thought, when consciousness has no content, when the mirror reflects nothing, it is receptivity. Receptivity is the door to the divine. Drop the mind and be.
  2. A deep receptivity is needed. There is no need to buy my staff, it is always yours. Only have a welcoming heart, a deep receptivity, patience; it can descend on you at any moment. Sometimes it comes near to you and you become scared. Sometimes, on many centers of your body I hit but then you are scared, then you want to escape from it. Be alert to the mind; the mind will always tell you to escape. Wherever there is danger the mind will tell you: run away from here.
  3. When you listen, you become just a passage, a passivity, a receptivity, a womb: you become feminine. And to arrive one has to become feminine. You cannot reach God as aggressive invaders, conquerors. You can reach God only… or it will be better: God can reach you only when you are receptive, a feminine receptivity. When you become yin, a receptivity, the door is open. And you wait.
  4. In receptivity ego cannot exist — it can exist only in conflict.
  5. If you are seeking for security, certainty, your eyes will become closed. And you will be less and less surprised and you will lose the capacity to wonder. Once you lose the capacity to wonder, you have lost religion. Religion is the opening of your wondering heart. Religion is a receptivity for the mysterious that surrounds us.
  6. Man is a doer. Woman is a lover, not a doer. Man is the mind, woman is the heart. Man can create things, but cannot give birth to life. For that, receptivity is needed, receptivity of the earth. The seed falls into it, disappears underground, and one day a new life arises. That’s how a child is born. A womb is needed to give birth to God, OR, to give birth to yourself. You have to become a womb.
  7. Coming closer to the master certainly gives a new pulsation to the life energy, to your receptivity, to your openness. It gives you a dance, your heart starts singing a song. It is a moment of rejoicing.
  8. To be with me, the only way is to be in deep silence, deep receptivity, in a deep opening so that I can pour myself into you. If you are too full of words and talking too many things, you will miss me. Silence is the language with me.
  9. Receptivity simply means dropping the garbage that you go on carrying in your head. And much garbage is there, utterly useless. The mind means the past. Now the past is no more of any use; it has happened, and it is never going to happen again, because in reality nothing ever repeats.
  10. Once you know how to listen, in deep receptivity, sensitivity, you are not there. The listener is not there, only listening. And when the listener is not there, there is no ego: there is no one who listens, only listening. And then it penetrates to the very core of your being.
  11. Surrender means receptivity. When you are receptive, utterly receptive, God can descend into you. And you cannot say ‘First I have to encounter God, only then will I surrender’ because you cannot encounter him, there is no way. The only way to encounter him is to surrender, because when you are surrendered he comes. You can know him only after surrender, not before surrender.
  12. Buddha attained to God through the feminine — in fact there is no other way to attain. The ultimate has to be attained only when you become a womb, a receptivity. Then it makes no difference.
  13. If the mind is aggressive, then it cannot be receptive. Only a non-aggressive mind can be receptive. So all the qualities which carry any type of aggressiveness with them ought to be dropped, and one has to be just a door to receive. Just like a womb, one has to be in total receptivity. Then grace is always flowing, and love is always flowing.
  14. A woman means intuition, poetry, imagination. Man means will, prose, logic, reason. These are symbols: man means an aggressive quality, woman means receptivity. Receptivity is highest. Man means logic, reasoning. analysis, philosophy; woman means religion, poetry, imagination — more fluid, more flexible. Man is fighting with God. Science is purely a male by-product — man fighting, struggling, trying to conquer. Woman never fights; she simply welcomes, she waits, she surrenders.
  15. Prayer is wonder, reverence. Prayer is receptivity for the miracle that surrounds you. Prayer is surrender to the beauty, to the grandeur to this fantastic existence. Prayer is non-argumentative dialogue with existence. It is not a discussion… it is a love-dialogue. You don’t argue… you simply whisper sweet nothings.
  16. Religious consciousness is a receptivity, a vulnerability to the existence that surrounds you, so alive that if you are open, its living vibes start moving within you, dancing within you. It is so full of joy — just you are closed. It is overflowing with bliss — just you are not there to receive it. Religious consciousness means receptivity to the joy the universe is made of.
  17. There is an ancient saying in India that you can remain thirsty standing on the bank of a river. Unless you learn how to bow down, fill your hands with water, the river is not going to jump towards you. It is available; just a little humbleness on your part, a little receptivity on your part, and you can quench your thirst.
  18. Sannyas means surrender; surrender creates receptivity. Surrender means you become vulnerable, open, you don’t defend. Surrender means now you put your arms away, now you drop your armor. Now even if the Master wants to kill you, you will be happy to be killed by the Master.
  19. The master is available, the disciple is receptive, and between this availability and this receptivity some miracle transpires; something happens for which no word exists. And because it is not a relationship, it never grows old — it is always fresh, it is always young. Each time you come to the master, the experience is not a repetition.
  20. That’s the meaning of the word `disciple’. It comes from the same root as `discipline’. A disciple is one who is ready to learn, who is ready to discipline himself into receptivity, into alertness, into awareness, into patience.
  21. You have to be a valley, only then the river can flow, just like the water flows towards the valley. You have to be a valley — a deep humbleness, a receptivity, a womb — so that you can receive.
  22. Sit silently, be silently — and wait. And one day suddenly, when you are really settled in your passivity, when you are really centered in your receptivity, when you are just a door, an opening, god comes to you, nirvana happens to you.
  23. A really wise man is feminine, receptive, passive. That’s why Buddha looks so feminine. That quality of passiveness, that quality of receptivity… He is just a receptacle. He reflects life: he allows life to reflect in him, to be reflected through him. He sings the song that existence wants to sing through him. He has no ideas of his own; he does not hinder.
  24. Masters are always there — sometimes more, sometimes less. That depends on the receptivity of a certain age, on the receptivity of a certain consciousness, on the receptivity of the time. But it has never happened that they are not there. More or less, right, but they are always there. It cannot happen in the very nature of things that out of millions of people not even a single person will not be realised.
  25. The feminine principle is receptive and the masculine principle is creative, and both can only go together. Separate, they both suffer. Then the woman has nothing to receive and feels empty. And if there is nobody to receive, the man’s creativity is lost because there is nobody to appreciate, inspire. The woman receives, inspires and helps the man to flow in his creativity. Man’s creativity helps the woman to flow into her receptivity. This receptivity of the woman is not only biological, it is spiritual too. Behind all great poets you will find the inspiration of a woman. The women have not themselves been great poets — they need not be — but no great poetry is ever born without a woman. She functions as a lighthouse. Men have been great poets, but without a woman the poetry simply dies and withers away. Receptivity and creativity are two wings of the bird. This flight towards the unknown can be completed only with both wings. With one wing the bird is not going to go anywhere. And remember, creativity is not more valuable than receptivity – they are equal, they are utterly equal. No wing, right or left, is greater than the other; cannot be. They are equal. They are not similar but they are equal.
  26. The whole emphasis is to remain in a state of receptivity for the unknown to happen to you. Be sensitive, fluid, impressionable, as if some guest is to come and you are waiting. The door is open. Even the breeze passing through the trees or the breeze passing through the dead leaves… you jump to the door. The guest may have come; you are alert. The guest has not come yet. You are simply waiting. In this alertness, one comes to know the ultimate core of reality. The guest never comes really. He is always coming, he is always coming — coming and coming and coming. He is always nearer and nearer and nearer, closer and closer, but he never really comes. You always remain in waiting. This waiting is beautiful. It is bliss — if you can wait. But then you need a very sensitive mind. Mediocre, stupid minds won’t be of any help there. A stupid mind will say, “Now come in; otherwise I am going to close the door and rest. I have waited long.”

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  1. Beautiful thoughts here Manoj - I agree we are all filling our thoughts with utter nonsense and it is only by emptying and being receptive that we can get closer to the true meaning. Thank you for sharing.